Is there a drink that goes best with a cigarette or cigar?!


Is there a drink that goes best with a cigarette or cigar?

Beer. Goes with everything.

ya beer....GROSS are you a dude.....your pics are SCARY looking on your 360

I personally think bourbon and beer. But I think they go well with anything.

Cigar and brandy

Grand Marnier. A Cognac, Armangnac, Scotch, or Brandy.

any liquor

anything wet that will extinguish

if ur name suggests anything, i wud say...clean male saliva.

Water goes well with everything.

moriatic acid


I like a good Merlot wine when I smoke a cigar. Some cigar smokers like a fine single malt scotch, but I am just not a scotch drinker. There are some great ruby red port wines that will improve the taste of a good cigar. If the cigar does not taste good by itself, nothing will help it. Some cigars have spices added to them. I am not talking about "flavored" cigars. If a cigar is spiced up, a good Shiraz would not be out of line. Good luck and good smoking.

coffee with a cigarette.

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