Who loves cake?!


Who loves cake?

how do you best like to eat your cake? alone , off of someone, at the table,?

I like cream filled cake the best. I like the dark chocolat.

with choclate frosting and ice cream.

it's unhealthy

off of someone.

I do.
Alone or with my girl

Never met a cake I didn't like! I like to eat mine with at least SOME frosting in each luscious dreamy bite.........mmmmmmmmm

Cake is good anytime, anywhere!
I like mine with cold milk.

I like pie better.

i luv any cake that has real icing not that bettercreame mess...never thought of eating it off someone..sounds messy.

i love cakes. everything at cheesecake factory.. with my friends

I'll send you one if you give me the best answer.

I do, Baked cheesecake, and alone , quetly, maybe in a quiet place.

at the table but i love cake any way specially if it′s chocolate

i like to eat alone so that i don't need to share my cake...
i like to eat my cake at the table....

Those all sound good to me!

I ? cake and eat it alone so that way I don't have to share it LOL

Me, esp.chocolate with cream and coconut topping,
I guess I'm kinda weird, I like to eat mine off a plate

W/o frosting but Ice Cream and Whipped Cream instead. I prefer eating mine off a plate during a few lonely moments. Boring, I know...

with ice cream and smother it all oner ur partner then lick or eat it off,,,,


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