Who here thought "Freedom Fries" was a good idea?!


Who here thought "Freedom Fries" was a good idea?

That was the dumbest, most embarassing crap ever.

On the topic of renaming fattening foods to look patriotic,
How about a "Freedom Diet??" That's really what this country needs

Ha ! Yeah !!!!!!!
A Freedom Salad !!!!!!! ( speaking in terms of calories )
That would be great !

Hey, anything to annoy the French is OK by me!

it was stupid

I don't care what its called as long as its good.

It was started by some restaurant owner in North Carolina, but became most known when Robert Ney and Walter Jones, two dumbass Republicans, had the name changed at cafeterias and snack bars run by the House of Representatives.

Some redneck idiot from the south

White flag frys would have been better I suppose.

Time to break out the Ore-Ida's because yesterday Bush declared France our friends again! Vive le France and their 200 troop commitment to Lebanon! If they commit 2,000 we'll let them rename any U.S.state they want. Such a deal...

I don't think anyone took the idea seriously. It was just a silly thing because the French forgot who saved them from having to eat sauerkraut for the rest of their lives.

fat asses like u

Western Canadians have been hating French longer than you have - thanks to constant whining from Quebec about not being treated specially enough despite billions of tax money going from the Rest Of Canada to Quebec. The separatists still want to separate, and they still want our money.

And it's thanks in no small part to that arsehole De Gualle from France, who invited Quebec to become independent from Canada back in 1967 with his "vive le Quebec libre" (long live free Quebec) speech.

i thought it was stupid, if the French don't agree its there choice, no need to get petty and mock everything that has the word French in it

I thought "freedom fries" was a stupid idea.... However, the French can kiss my red, white, and blue @ss! If it wasn't for the USA, the French would be speaking German, or maybe Russian... Give it a few decades... their national language will be Arabic.

Now that I got that off my chest.... A big fancy freedom diet would be the right way to go!

Trying to rename foods was pretty pathetic. I don't like the French at all and they are still pulling this stupid crap. They promised 2,000 troops for Lebanon and as soon as the resolution was signed they backed down and said they would only send 200. They need to have an attitude adjustment in a big way, but there are better ways to punish them than renaming a food item.

at first when i heard thought it was wrong - but - then i heard that they wanted us to come pick up our TRASH . our solders that gave there lives's on the beaches . then the fry did not go far enough

I couldn't believe that Freedom Fries bullshit. What's even more embarrassing is that it's still here! (at least in my little section of the country) When I went to see fireworks on this past 4th of July, there was a vendor advertising that they had "Freedom Fries!"

If a nuclear bomb went off, and it was determined that fries could save you from radiation poisoning, and that stupid ******* redneck french fry stand was the only french fry stand left, I think I'd let myself hemorrhage to death. =o)

No matter what I do not like the FRENCH.

It was rather stupid. The french in french fries does not refer to France, but to the cut of the fries. (also, French cut beans). So that made it even more dumb, because freedom is not a cutting technique.

I didn't think so at all. I respect the French and their decision to not back the war and send troops. The French are always the voice of reason.

Anything that has the word "French" in it is not cool.

they go great with freedom dressing!
Seriously, don't people have better things to do?

talk about the government acting childish. i believe that they have been renamed back to the original

French fries back on House menu

Freedom fries are now history in House cafeterias
French fries are back on the menu in the US House of Representatives, three years after the name was ditched in favour of "freedom fries".
House Republicans renamed fries and French toast in 2003 to protest at France's opposition to the war on Iraq.

The patriotic name change hit the headlines at the time but the change back is getting much less coverage.

A House official would only say that fries are no longer being offered under the "freedom" nomenclature.

The Washington Times newspaper contacted aides of the two congressmen behind the move to "freedom fries" to see if they could shed light on the change back.

"We don't have a comment for your story," a spokeswoman for Republican representative Bob Ney told the newspaper.

At the time, Mr Ney, who together with Walter Jones pushed for "freedom fries", said the action was "a small but symbolic effort to show the strong displeasure of many on Capitol Hill with the actions of our so-called ally, France".

The move followed the lead of a North Carolina restaurant whose owner said he got the idea from similar protest action against Germany during World War I, when sauerkraut was renamed liberty cabbage and frankfurters became hot dogs.

The switch to "freedom fries" was seen as reflecting the anti-French sentiment among some lawmakers who felt President Jacques Chirac betrayed the US by opposing its policy on Iraq.

The Senate cafeterias never changed their menus.

A spokeswoman for the French embassy asked about current French-US ties told the Washington Times that the two countries were working closely on the Middle East.

"Our relations are much more important than potatoes," she said.

"French fries are back on the menu in the Capitol, back on the presidential dinner menu and our relations are back on track."

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