Please help me tip!?!


Please help me tip!?

Hi. I go to an comix house called "comix cafe" in Rochester NY. While the food is great (and expensive), the service is absolutely horrible! They assign the servers so many tables, I regularly wait 45 minutes for a drink, literally. I am not exxagerating when I say I always have to flag my waiter down while he/she is running table to table. My problem is that they automatically add 18.5% gratuity to the bill. Not once has the service meritted it, and the service was so bad last time, I considered asking a manger to remove it! What should I do? It's not the waiters' fault that he is assigned such a huge area, but I don't think I should have to tip that much, at all, on such crappy service.

Well Seal,

As a restaurant manager I think that you have two reasonable choices:

1). Since the tip is already added on (I am assuming that it's listed on the menu or that you are from a country that it is customary) -- you can't debate the tip -- I would talk to the manager about getting some complimentary meals.

2). The most effective.... Write a letter and stop going!

I can't assure you that you will hear anything back, but at least you will feel better.

James in San Diego

absolutely, i would tell the manager how bad the service is, and would ask for my tip money back, since when is tips 18%?

i used to work at a restaurant and they only added gratuity when it was over a certain amount or when it was a huge group of people. but if the service wasn't that great then speak to a manager.

I would either ask to speak to a manager, or put up with it, or go to another restaurant.

I would tell the manager that I wanted my tip money back, then I would find a new place to hang. Why keep spending money at a place like that, it just tells the manager that he is doing good because all the customers take the bad service and don't complain much.

I WOULD NEVER PAY 18% tip!!!

The ONLY way I would pay that is if it was for a huge group of people 25 or more!

Definitely ASK/DEMAND for that to be taken off the bill. Bring it to their attention that the food is good BUT service is TERRIBLE! Email them, phone them & write them.

I am a restaurant manager in Philadelphia. Check out the menu see if there is a reason for the added gratuity. It is normal for a gratuity of 18% to be added to a party, sometimes 6 or more, sometimes 8 or more. T.I.P.S are To Insure Prompt Service. You shouldn't have to pay 18.5% for bad service. Talk to a manager. You may get an explanation, you may get some dessert, maybe you will get a free appetizer next time you dine. I would definitely mention it to a manager.

I'd talk to the manager, or even if they have a corporate office write a letter to corporate. I didn't think it was even legal for them to automatically add in gratuity, unless it's a large party or something. I would like the management not just know you are unhappy about paying for poor service, but about WHY the service is so poor, and maybe if enough people mention it, they will look to actually change soemthing about it, and in the mean time, you'll be saving yourself 18.5%!

ask the manager to assign a little part and not so big to the waiters and maby it will be easy for the waiter to assist you and not everyone else


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