I need a new drink????????? any suggestions?!


I need a new drink????????? any suggestions?

whats your favorite club drink? how is it made?and why ?

Mango Flavored Rum (Parrot bay's the Best) and Red Bull!! It keeps you energized and it tastes like sweet tarts!!!

My Taste Buds

parrot bay.

I don't drink alcohol because I'm not a loser. Thanks.

I have two- Green apple martini vodka, green pucker, and sprite is an easy mix. Then, I like the easy cosmo too.

Hey try webtender too they have great drink ideas.

colorado bulldog
tall glass
full of ice
1 shot vodka
1 shot kaluhua
fill with milk
serve with a straw

I love Malibu and pineapple with crushed ice mmmmmmm! But I also love the cocktail Lust...that's Archers (Peach Schnapps) with vodka, pineapples and fresh orange juice with lots and lots of crushed ice.

it's noy a club drink but it's a mixture of drink i created...........It's apple cider, 7up, and orange soda!!!!!!it's delicous!

Ice water its all the RAGE!

And thanks for the points.

...Meyers and orange. When the orange juice turns a "brown" hue. You have done well.. Short glass "bucket" glass...2 or 3 cubes 1 1/2 shots of "Meyers Rum" and fill with orange juice till medium brown color. Great way to loosen up !!!

Chocolate Martini - Martinis are IN
Tequilla Sunrise - Layer colors
Sloe Gin Fizz - Tastes Great
Blo Job - Has a squirt of whipped cream in the center and you pick it up without your hands.

Sambuka - cause they light it before you drink it.

A dangerous - though delicious martini.

coffee (espresso if you've got it)
homemade whip cream


Peach Fuzz
I peach(preferably fresh)
1/2 small can lemonade
1/2 lemonade can of vodka
place in blender , fill with ice, blend, share, drink, repeat...

Redheaded ****
Shot each:
Peach schnapps
orange juice
cranberry juice

Lake Water
Shot each:
Blue curacco
Malibu rum
Small Can pineapple juice

Rum and coke

Rock Lobster

1 rocks glass, with ice
1 shot of Crown Royal
1 shot of Chambord
Cranberry juice

Pour the shots in first, then add cranberry juice to full. A twist of lime is good, too. Very simple and good. I sometimes like it with OJ instead of cranberry, but it's not as "pretty" then.

gin and cranberry jucie

Barbancourt 15 yr old rum and tonic, Grey Goose cosmo, Sapphire and tonic....


grateful dead/ same a a long Island ice tea/ minus the coke and add chambord

jack and coke cola one part coke three parts jack

You pick one...

The Denki Bran... Kamiya Bar in Tokyo
1/2 oz. gin
1/2 oz brandy
splash sake
and some herbs... I haven't found the herbs in the US so use 1/2 oz Jagermiester.. serve chilled straight up

Or my original the Rusty Volkswagon
1/2 oz Jagermiester
1oz Bacardi 151

good luck

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