What type of food should i have for a party?!

Question: What type of food should i have for a party?
having a sweet 16, should i serve solid foods or finger foods, etc ? and a list of what to serve (that's good) im having 200 people


Depends on your budget and what time you will be throwing your party. Snack foods can add up, sometimes it's cheaper to just serve a main course.

If you have a party at regular eating times--lunch 11-1ish or dinner 5:30-7ish or so, serve a meal. In between those times, serve finger foods.

As for snacks/finger foods, it's the usual. Crackers, chips and dip, veggie/fruit/meat/cheese trays, finger sandwhiches (tuna/chicken/egg/vegetarian of some sort) your cake or some other desert if you want. Fruit, cheese and meats can run a little on the pricey side.

For a meal, you could serve your favorite food (say hypothetically, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and hamburgers), a cookout type with hamburgers and hotdogs, a taco bar, pizza of course, pasta. Salad is relatively cheap and you could make your own salad bar by providing whatever extra toppings (croutons, bacon bits, cheese, etc) and pasta is cheap too. You could have a pasta buffet with different types of sauces (tomato, cheese, chicken and cheese, alfredo, etc). The more options you have, the more you'll probably spend.

Whatever you choose, I would make sure to have vegetarian friendly options as not everyone these days eats meat.

I'd order many platters from Thrifty foods. Go for some healthy ones for everyone such as a garden fresh platter (lots of veggies), fruit delight platter (very refreshing), savoury salmon stuffed brie platter (which is stuffed with tangy smoked salmon lox, cream cheese and fresh dill), an ultimate combo platter (fine cheeses like swiss emental, sliced garlic sausage, sesmark crackers, canadian herb and spice havarti), a supreme sandwich platter (includes roast beef, ham, turkey and vegetable sandwiches made with freshly baked bagels, breads and buttery whole wheat croissants complete with a tub of crisp pickles and olives, and a La dolce vita platter (includes prosciutto ham, calabrese salami, mortadella, prosciutto cotto ham, delicious bocconcini, aged provolone, feta stuffed jalapeno peppers, pitted sicilian olives, pitted kalamata olives).

I stongly suggest trying for any of the above excellent platters. They were a huge success on my 16th birthday party :)

snack trays are always great. crackers, cheese, meats (salami/bologna/ham/turkey) pigs in a blanket, chips, goldfish, i'd go with lots of finger foods, maybe even cupcakes!

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