13 year old sleepover birthday party ideas...?!

Question: 13 year old sleepover birthday party ideas...?
So my birthday party is next weekend, I invited 13 girls to come over. What can we do? Like do you have any fun places we could go to (bowling, movie, ect.), but the budget is only $75,00, so keep it within, or do you have any fun teen games we could play?
ALSO; What are some good, comedy, drama, scary new movies we could rent?
Sorry for all the questions!(:


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here are a few party games ideas: http://echildrenspartygames.com/children…

Okay, Lemme See
Themes: (website) http://www.birthdayexpress.com/?REF=KNC-… (pick your own)

Movies: Rent scary movie 1,2,3 or like saw if you everywhere wanna be scared and new movies that came out order 3 pizzas make prank calls go to like walmart and play around and throw stuff around try on like bras and hve fun play any games make contests truth or dare and be creative make pies and thorw it outside yell and scream out your window hve fun!

Rent some redbox movie.
The lottery ticket.
Despicable me.
All the movie I know that are good are not good for your age!Like
The Boondox Saints 2
Easy A
Just listen to music and buy some food and rent some movies.

You could rent like a lot of movies buy a lot of fun snacks like marshmellows you guys can make cupcakes and things like that .

WTH your budget i s 75 grand? I'm 14. You should rent the hangover, meet the Spartans, and the naked gun

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