Is it possible to OD on fried chicken and watermelon?!


Is it possible to OD on fried chicken and watermelon?

that is not funny! ur making fun of a homeless guy who over stuffed himself and had no where elese to fall asleep so he did it next to his food. where do u come up with such a pic lol

Mmmm I hope not.

Wow...that has Dave Chappelle written all over it. lol

But to answer your question....NO SIR, NO SIR IT IS NOT! hehe What is wrong with some white ppl....what the hell, everyone likes fried chicken and watermelon. :)

Looks to me like it could be very possible. Does anything these days never cease to amaze you?

LOL. I'd sure be willing to give it a try to find out. I already have on a few occasions this summer anyway. I can't think of two better summer foods!!

I can't imagine why.

If you ate that every meal every day all year, then you would start to run into health issues because the fat is not good for you in large doses and it will catch up to you later in life. But as long as you balance it out with other healthy foods (vegetables and the like) so you get all your necessary nutrients, there shouldn't be a huge problem.

Some people get burned out on eating the same thing all the time no matter how much they may love a certain food.

yea i dont think so..

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