What Snacks should I Put out for my Party?! 10 points!!!?!

Question: What Snacks should I Put out for my Party?! 10 points!!!?
I'm turning 12 in 2 weeks, and I really have to start PARTY PLANNING!!!


Well you could do a theme and find snacks for that. Otherwise, here are some snack ideas: ice cream, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes (have everone grab one and have a station!) I did for one of my bday parties and everyone thought my party was awesome!), cake, chips, candy, soda, water, fruit platter, pizza, cheese and meat platter, pizza rolls, bacon(haha sorry i just had to say that. I luv bacon!), fruit snacks, pretzels, nachos, cereal snacks, brownies, tacos. If you wanted some themes for ur b-day party: hawaain, spa, movie night, survivor, scary themed. Good luck, happy party planning, and happy early birthday!

Me, a 13 year old!

Pizza is a good food to have at your party, its easy and doesn't require you to cook anything.
Wraps are soo yummy(: You can get them at grocery stores...turkey is the best. They are cut up into sections and are good little snacks.
Chips are a must have! All different kinds!
Fruit is great. It will give guests a break from all of the junk food.
Cookies! Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies.
Cupcakes. For my birthday party last year I made both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and at my party I put out different colors of frosting and sprinkles and icing to decorate them with. Everybody loved it!

Happy birthday &
Hope this helps(:

How about a taco station? You could put out taco shells, tortillas, and taco salad shells - then meat and beans and lettuce, etc., etc., etc. Everyone could make their own. Party guests like to be involved and it helps shy people have something to do and talk about. You could have chips and salsa beforehand, spiced hot chocolate (they sell Mexican hot chocolate everywhere). Play salsa music! Have a pinata! Do the macarena! Well, those last things are going too far..... But just have fun!

brownies,ice cream, cupcakes, chips, bread sticks, soda


Chips and dip.

nachos and cheese, little sausages, pretzels, wheat thins, cakes, pies, finger foods, stuff like that.

gum, cookies, juice, portato chips, cake, etc.

ice cream
cheese curls
pizza rolls
veggies with dip
cheese tray

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