Magic brownies anyone?!


Magic brownies anyone?

i would love the opinion of a real deal chef but even just an every day stoner might help..........

i'm searching for the best recipe ever!! mine always come out to hard or over smelly or the leaves get stuck inbetween teeth.

i had a friend whou used to sautee the weed. i knew someone else who boiled it in butter then strained it.

what's the best way?

Ive never smoked weed or anything, but itd be cool to try one. Can i come over?

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Can I come over too?

Saute the herbs in butter over low heat. Then strain out the twigs and leaves. The enhanced butter will be extremely potent.

Add just a little extra (regular) butter or milk to the recipe to make them more moist. Don't over cook them.

They can be sealed and frozen for future consumption.

ha ha ha ha

neather it could harm u or someone else don't smoke anything anway! so ur saying if a friend does it u should well what if ur friend killed a person would u?


The series Weeds on Showtime has the best brownie recipes ever. If you go and rent the whole first season the recipe is in the extras section on one of the DVDs. When you cook with weed you should let the bud sit in some olive oil for at least two days that way the THC can absorb into the fat and then you use the oil to cook with.
Hope everything works out for you!

We always just ground the leaves up very fine. I think that if you pre-cook them you will lose some of the potency

You're supposed to use hash, preferably Leb or Moroccan, crumble it into the mix or grate it.
A quarter Oz makes a v. heady pan of about 20.
Don't let dogs have any, they don't like it and waste the buzz by sleeping too much.

All of the following recipes can be found at this website
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Amsterdam (Holland) has the best brownies, I don't think your going to fly there to taste them.

Remember in the United States, Weed is illegal... Careful

What my friends do is they grind the weed up into a powder, and then soak it in butter and cocoa. When there ready to ad the ingredients, just throw it in. You won't even notice the weed, but you'll feel it later.

Let me know how it turns out....

Good Luck...


lightly poach the weed in the butter on a double boiler for 30 mins, this way you dont burn the compounds... i leave the herbs in the butter as i incorporate with the mix ingredients, but for less weed flavor straining the leaves and using only the butter will work too

grind up in coffee grinder till fine then mix what was the question lol

you should make the weed butter first and then use it for the brownies.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sure and a cupcake to please?OMG even a twinky will do,im starved.

Always used hash.....if I was making cookies though I woudl wait a bit and add the herb halfway through.....i also would grind it in a coffee grinder....or infuse it into butter or vegtable oil.....happy baking!

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