What to create for kids.?!

Question: What to create for kids.?
When I mean "Create" I mean like something to make in the kitchen such as: Playdough, Goop, ETC.
Just something like that. It doesn't have to be edible, And PLEASE not hard or where you have to buy something.
Please let it be limited in the ingredients because I don't have much of things.
I'm asking this because we did stuff like this all day at my friends house the other day and it was so much fun! Please answer quickly Because i am very bored!!!! Lol
Thank you guys so much!!!!! :):):):)


go to activitytv.com and go to science at the top)


You don't mention the age of the kids. This cannot be done by young children because they might swallow something
you could make collages with pasta and beans. get some white glue and thick paper or cardboard. draw your design first if you wish, or be spontaneous. use as many different shapes and colors as possible. squeeze out a small dap of glue and put down each piece individually. popcorn, buttons or cereal like cheerio's can also be used. try a portrait, abstract design, a name or nickname. be creative!

Finger paints.

And depending on how old the kids are, you could bake something, or cook something. Cupcakes, brownies, a cake, etc. Make bread or pizza dough. Make tacos.

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