Shark Birthday Party? NEED HELP ASAP!?!

Question: Shark Birthday Party? NEED HELP ASAP!?
My little boy is turning five and we are planning on throwing him a birthday bash at an aquarium (we already reserved). He wants a "shark party" and i was wondering if anyone had any shark themed birthday party ideas! we are very crafty, so a little artwork is not a big deal for us! We are pressed for time and need ideas asap! Please&Thank you!


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Shark Cupcakes!!! You know those shark gummy candies? and then chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and then top with those! And for food fish crackers and then omg sharks are my favourite animal and I'm so excited about this party that I can't actually think!!! OH! Remember that game "Octopus"? You can play that and come up with some shark name to it. Or you can change up games like "duck duck goose" to "whale whale shark" these kids are 5 they can go with it ;) Um you can look up "the baby shark" song and sing it with them. Lots of examples on youtube, none of them are the version I know but they're all the same gist. :)

You can draw sharks and color and cut them out and then make paper heats for everyone and glue the sharks on them. You could also draw a big shark on a large sheet of paper and have the kids play a game of pin the tail on the shark. You should serve fish sticks or make a fshark shaped cake.

play sharks and minnows: like amrco polo pretty much. search online for how to play. Pin the fin on the shark: pin the tail on the odnkey, etc. Shark attack: like mafia.(again search mafia online if u dont know what it is). And thats pretty much all I came up with. You couldd watch a shark tale or something too. Good luck!

I'm thinking cups with sharks on them. A cake of a shark mouth wide open. You could also make mini sharks with whatever materials you have. Shells could be a decoration on the tables. This is all I have. Hopefully someone will come up with more answers. Happy Birthday!

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