Regional food favorites to add to our Super Bowl XLV menu?!

Question: Regional food favorites to add to our Super Bowl XLV menu?
Foods that Green Bay and Pittsburg are known for.


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Definitely serve some Wisconsin cheese. Since there are so many Scandinavians in Wisconsin, you can serve some smoked salmon, or better yet, gravlax, if you can find it. Bratwursts are a local Wisconsin favorite. Simmer them in sliced onions and beer for about 20 minutes, then grill or broil until browned, and serve on a bun with whole-grain mustard.
As far as Pittsburg, cheese-steak sandwiches, of course!

Primantis from Pittsburgh! You can get nice, crusty italian bread, pile it with steak and eggs, slaw, and fries. Yummmm.

OH! OH! Wisconsin Beer and Cheese soup! It has chorizo, peppers, cheddar, cream and beer, that I can remember. It sounds weird but it's soooo good, look it up!


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