What shall I cook my girlfriend for Dinner tonight?!


What shall I cook my girlfriend for Dinner tonight?

My Girlfriend is busy revising for an exam tomorrow and she just called me with "your cooking dinner tonight"..... My heart literally stopped beating............... what shall I cook?

cook spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread, it's super easy. and to make it look a little fancier get a brick of parmesan and you can grate that over her spaghetti like in a resturant. :)

make french fries...

chicken parmesean with penne pasta

Cook spaghetti & meatballs

Ask her what her fav meal is and cook that

Grilled Veggie Fajitas..... very easy to make and DELICIOUS!

chicken cutlet parm with spaghetti....

that's my fave and u can't go wrong

Get a take out instead and nip to the shop for a bottle of wine

Sausage and mash!!Yum yum!!
And its so easy to make. x

Cook spaghetti- sooo easy and yummy!

Awww that is so sweet...Yeah pasta is your best bet

chicken picatta with caesar salad and garlic toast

a curry, it's just meat, sauce and rice. you can't go wrong and it's easy as!

Lobster stuffed with tacos.

spaghetti bolognese,it's quick and easy

Sizzling Steak with hawaiian sauce

spag bol

Try Pasta Bake with Cheese and good old garlic bread.

coquille st -jaques i dont know what it is but it sounds good

Whatever she likes best.

Pasta! It's easy, and everyone loves pasta.

Salad....Spaghetti...Garlic Bread

Pasta is always easy. Or buy one of those meals on the hamburger helper isle. They come with all of the ingredients, meat and all...and come with complete directions. They have some really good ones, too...Try that.

Go to Culinary Chef at http://www.culinarychef.com for recipes and special occasion menus.

spaghetti. You can't go wrong if you keep it simple :)

Are you able to cook? Stick to the tried and tested or your speciallity if you have one. Other than that a simple thing like new potatoes, Marks and Spencer ready cooked chicken, or southern fried chicken, coleslaw and salad.

get some real spuds..peel and chip and fry them them..fry up two free range eggs do some bread and butter,double egg and homemade chips..lovely..

Be safe... whatever you can cook, and cook well. If it tastes good, then she'll like it. She just wants you to give her a hand. Spaghetti is an easy and quick dish.

take out, wine, candlelight, soft music and lovin'

Chicken and Rice is always a great, fast, and easy meal. It's filling too so she can study longer.

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