Suggestions for birthday party?!

Question: Suggestions for birthday party?
Hi guys!

For my birthday party I want it to be candy-themed but it can't be babyish.

I need suggestions for:

and whatever else that will make this party a blast!!



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your party will be awesome can i come??

you could make little candy cakes with the invitations. Fill balloons with candy abd confetti and blow them up and lay them all over the floor. There are marshmellow guns that are fun. Chubby bunny with gum balls is funny. Maybe a kiddie pool full of chocolate. and this one- hope this helped! it hellped me hope it helped u !! :) happy birthday!!!!

Liquor , Candy , Linqerie , A Hot Tubb , & Dudes :)

Invite your best friends, party streamers :)

Katy Perry comes to mind seen it one of her videos.


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