Good birthday party ideas for 11 year old boy?!

Question: Good birthday party ideas for 11 year old boy?
Its a suprise party and I was think a jumper and balloons and stuff but what about games and stuff? Or chukie cheeses?


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it depends on where you live, I live in Texas and their is a place something like a chuckie cheese but they have bumper cars. and then there is medevil times. check out the website for your city and state. you can google, ex: things to do in city name, Texas. and narrow it down from there.

Chucky Cheese's is somewhat expensive...($20-$40) But if you have lots of $$$ in your wallet, I'd say go for Chucky Cheese's.

If you are thinking about a surprise party, You can rent a jumper.You can also set up a table near the jumper with snacks and food on it in case someone gets hungry. Jumpers are really fun and can totally make it all up for games.

go to a zoo or the park or u can have an at home party with some cake and some small projects

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