sleepover ideas for pre-teens? 12-13?!

Question: Sleepover ideas for pre-teens? 12-13?
me and my bff are having a sleepover!!! some ideas?? plz thanks!!!


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My daughter just had a sleep over, we made homemade pizza, movies, music, dancing, board games, nails, hair, make-up and just talked on the phone with other friends. Have Fun

movies, raid the pantry and fridge, boys.
I remember at that age we used to stay up all night talking, giggling and doing hair and makeup and we'd take loads of pictures (: I hope y'all have fun.

Watch movies, have lots of candy, go tping (its funnier when its someone you know), paint nails, prank call, deep conversations, random crafts, boardgames, whatever!

Im a girl

Movies! Nails!

Are you girls?
If you are buy a barbie house
If you re a guy video games

play video gamez eat cake bother ur siblings make an arts and crfts project

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