Romantic dinner date without a dining table?!

Question: Romantic dinner date without a dining table?
I have no dining table but want to cook a romantic, yet casual dinner for 2. Any ideas on what would be good to cook for the evening, I'm not really looking for oysters but something impressive that we can eat and chat over.


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indoor picnic on a rug by an open fire. champagne, strawberries and lots of other nibbles, good luck
ps. just read the additional details and i gotta add that all the answerers answer the questions based on the info provided within the question,
there ain't no pleasing some folk.

I think tapas make for a romantic dinner because you can nibble and talk and enjoy each other. As for the lack of a table, that makes it more romantic. Sit by the fire or at a coffee table or wherever.
Sangrias are a fun and delicious starting drink
Fresh shrimp, tomato and avocado bruschetta
Crab cakes
Honey dew and cantalope wrapped in prosciutto
Fresh fruit and cheese kabobs
Stuffed mushrooms, tomatoes or artichoke hearts...
Steamed potstickers
Sliced steak on arugula

If she's into cute and simple, maybe you can make a picnic w/ candles and serve Spaghetti and meat balls or something adorable like that.

Try the korean style! Sitting on a mat and eating on a low side table. Tat would be alright i guess. U can juz put a few candles. And the food, anything edible would do. xD

I agree with spaghetti.
Or chicken alfredo.

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