had to pay for my own birthday dinner?!

Question: Had to pay for my own birthday dinner?
So i just got back from a fun dinner with 8 other friends. My friends planned and took me out to dinner my birthday. Everyone was nice and tipsy by the end of the dinner. When it came time to pay, everyone started figuring out how much their costs were and how much they needed to pay. It became clear quick that they weren't going to split my meal (my birthday)... so i awkwardly handed my credit card- paid...no one noticed/cared.. and let me pay sign etc. (mine came out to $30)

am i wrong for feeling kinda annoyed that my friends didn't pay for me? back in december we celebrated another one of the guys in the groups birthday (but weren't drunk by the end) and we all split the birthday boys meal...i would never let the birthday person pay for their own meal...


I can't imagine doing that to a friend I planned and invited out to celebrate their birthday. You are not wrong for feeling annoyed. I won't even excuse them for being "nice and tipsy." It was rude. I'm glad you had fun, though.

Happy Birthday!

When it's their birthday go to an expensive resteraunt, order many expensive food, eat till your satisfied, pretend to get a call, tell friend you have to go that its urgent, go home, watch TV satisfied with a full stomach

It's hard to believe that out of eight friends, even though they were tipsy, one wasn't aware enough to take your bill and divide it up amongst the group. Pretty poor, I'd be annoyed too.

Your friends planned and took you out to dinner. You paid. I'd dump them as friends.

BTW, I have paid for my own bd food for a long time now. Not really anyone to celebrate with. Bf didn't really care.

To invite you out to dinner on your birthday and make you pay for your own dinner is low. I'd be annoyed too.

No, you're not wrong for feeling annoyed. It was wrong of them. Or dumb. People do dumb things when tipsy.

wow! That is messed up. Especially if THEY invited/took you out

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