Are you throwing a super bowl party?!

Question: Are you throwing a super bowl party?
If so what are you serving? How many guests are you inviting?


It's just going to be my husband and myself, but we already have our menu planned. Chorizo bean cheese dip, homemade tortilla chips, homemade Chex mix, a pot of chili that will simmer on the stove all morning, and a platter of deviled eggs. Go Packers!

You make me envious. lol. We are under about 3 foot of snow right now and its just crazy out here. Cant imagine having a warm day and a cookout for the superbowl. We are only having a few family members over. I am making meat wraps, chips and dip, Pizza rolls, and a veggie tray. Keeping it simple.

Chips hot dogs hamburgers stuff like that and about 10

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