what to do for my boyfriend's birthday? party ideas?!

Question: What to do for my boyfriend's birthday? party ideas?
My boyfriend is turning 22 in April. I want to do something special for him. like a party, but not jst the usual party with bbq or pizza. something special/ the prob is im only 20 so i cannot do it at a bar and i want his family yo be there too, and im on a budget, so can anyone help me please?


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do a get together...... instead of bbq make tacos!

surprise bday party and have all his family and friends over have lots of nice food and party games like sharads google games and there so many fun games to play or it cid be a fancy dress party have a themes!

wish him first, and then cal him for a date and give him a suprised kiss.


candy undies

so go to a sweet cafe with his parents.

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