Any ideas for my 16th birthday party? Decorations, food, activities etc.?!

Question: Any ideas for my 16th birthday party? Decorations, food, activities etc.?
For my 16th, we're renting a cottage along the beach and I'm inviting a small group of friends. We'll be alone all night so I've the freedom to do whatever I want with the place. Any idea's for decoration, food, activities etc?


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tons of ideas here…

If you're on the water then it's kind of a given that you have to go with the Tiki theme. Citronella candles and tiki torches are good for ambiance and bug control but if you plan on getting "crazy" I would stay away from anything with an open flame. Paper lanterns and cheap patio lights are nice and reusable in your room if you like them. You can also look into getting some disposable cameras and letting everyone there be a photographer, it's sort of fun to see what you missed when you get random cameras developed. I just hope you have the kind of teenage friends that WON'T take pics that will get you into trouble with the CVS developer because you made them blush.
Depending on your budget, you can also go to a dollar store and get really cheap, sometimes ugly but fun, flip flops for your guests and have them in a party basket by the door. It will also help in cutting time and cost in mopping the floor so you can get the deposit back.
If it's just a few people, IE your closest girlfriends, you can have a spa day on the water and see if the folks will spring for massages.
Good luck and happy birthday.

Once upon a time I was 16. lol

Give the place a tropical feel....get a bunch of leis..even different colors, designs...get some grass skirts to hang up...set out "luminaries" on the walkway or around outdoor party area (bags filled with sand and then a candle) how to do properly.

Add festive color by making oversized tissue paper flowers with vibrant colors--use pipe cleaners to twist and hold. Set in a vase, place them around.

Make thank you bags...or just simple gift bags for the guests: buy bright green bags, small size...get a bunch of raffia from craft store. Now take a bag and tie (hot glue) the raffia around the bag to make it look like a grass skirt. Use a couple strands to go around, and then cut a bunch to length of bag to place over the band...just glue here and there. Can even make a bikini top for it with felt if you want. Fill with contrasting tissue and put in gifts: anything to do with coconut (Mounds or Almond Joy candy bars), macadamia nuts, sunglasses, cheapie pair of flip flops, suntan lotion, beachcomber's hats, "Lifesaver" candy rolls.....etc. Whatever you want that goes with the theme.

Pick up some party lights...good for indoors and out. Make fun foods like for the luau....can even do a fondue...cheese fondue, meat fondue, chocolate fondue and really keep it cozy. Here's a site on how to make those:…
Serve fruits on picks or on a platter.

Play beach music...have hula hoop contests, limbo contests, bring along some board games, decks of cards, blankets. Games like Cranium are good, too (look online where to buy...Starbucks sells).
It'll be fun, I'm sure. Then plan on a great breakfast together and what you'd all like to have.

Please don't get drunk! Cupcakess are always fun and you can majke them or make cookies with ur friendss yummeh :3 Chips and stuff your favorite foods and for decor pick ur favorite colors and go off of dat :3

For activities.. Try doing fun games..

get drunk.

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