Rocky Horrr Sweet 16?!

Question: Rocky Horrr Sweet 16?
So my 16th is next month, and we're planning a huge awesome party. I'm pushing for a Rocky Horror theme, just because I've been an avid, obsessive fan for years and it's basically one of my favorite things. :)
The thing is that I need a simple yet fun way to set the theme without it being horribly cheesy (and yes, I do realize that with a RHPS theme, it'll be difficult.) It's going to be in some type of hall or other rented out place, so unfortunately, my desire to burst through the doors on a motorcycle cannot be fulfilled. :(
Anyone know any way to help me set this theme? Thanks ahead of time. :D


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An idea is to decorate the place with some house-of-horrors stuff. You can also dress in character, maybe have karaoke of the songs, and maybe have Rocky Horror themed food, like meatloaf or Eddie stew?

Okay I'm trying to think:hmmm not cheesy well maybe you can set it up like the big hall that Janet and Brad go into with all the travesites. Maybe have party hats for everyone. Play rocky horror music not the glee crap but the actual real music of the movie. Some games you can play is have everyone dance to sweet transvestite song(which is pretty amazing) I'm trying to think of a way to add the actual transvestite because I mean I dont know where you are going to find someone to dress like that. For your cake it could be the huge lips. Instead of having an actual motorcycle to burst through the doors maybe you could just have one in their or just a cutout. You should also have toast and rice if you want to watch the movie. Also if you really want to get creative you should have everyone dress up if they are too embarressed(which they shouldnt be) just have them be something creepy and crazy with bright colors. I hope this helps a little bit!!Good luck

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