If cookie monster became a cookie, would he eat himself?!


If cookie monster became a cookie, would he eat himself?

no because i would get to him before he could

yes i would say soooo

with cookie monster's chemical makeup it is scientifically impossible

no he would see the light in his shameful ways, and once he changes back ,he will be just a regular monster.

why not... that is... if he can get that flexable.

For sure.

He would become a paradox

NO...'couse if he eat him self, he will not be able to eat any more cookies..

So you think eating oneself is so easy?

just like most men, YES

i think ur mom would eat him

well that depends, if the creaters actually turn the cookie monstr into a healthy person, no

If cookie monster became a cookie, he would no longer be a monster so of course the answer has to be no.

I guess he would, everything except his mouth.

no, elmo might..

Probably because he LOVES COOKIES!!!

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