How much money, in Diet Coke and Mentos, have been blasted into thin air?!


How much money, in Diet Coke and Mentos, have been blasted into thin air?

Since the start of the Mentos + Diet Pepsi = Mega Rocket craze has been going on how many gallons of Diet Coke and how much money overall in both Diet Coke and Mentos can we guesstimate has been blown into thin air???

Not enough to help either Coke or Pepsi with the stock price (mentos is marketed by a private company). My estimate would be an increase of less than 1% of sales of those products worldwide - even if 1,000,000 nerds try the experiment themselves, it's not enough to compare with half a billion consumers reguarly buying soda and mints.

Haha, I've on;y ever done it once, so count me as about $1.50

Im going to say HORDS...just look what mythbusters did...they rock. and what I have tried on my own is...well... HORDS! and I think that averages over a billion for every hord!

i love diet coke :P between that and ciggerettes i probably spend more then $100 - i would have to think about it :P

i dont really care for mentos

12 cents

to munch to count

I won 5 bottles of coke from a sweepstakes, so my investment was just in mentos.

Mentos + Diet Pepsi = Mega Rocket?
I've got to get out more!

Sorry, not even a clue.

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