18th birthday ideas, something different!?!?!

Question: 18th birthday ideas, something different!?!?
i dont want it to be typical where you go and have a wacky party and get drunk!! just to get that clear with ><
i live in the Uk, lincolnshire... (shitty) and my birthday is on 28th september ...
any good ideas? ii wanna go away for the weekend ....but i want to do somet very different....and a time i will always remember with my friends!!!


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You have about 33 weeks to plans something. I spent my 18th (last may) in france, which was great because it was raining in england! If you can save about a tenner a week, you'll have about £300 by your birthday, if you get a few friends that are coming to chip in and pay their way, maybe you could go to disneyland paris?

I'm thinking of this for my 21st. Train to london, train to paris, make connections from there.

Go camping for a weekend with a group of friends, like 5-10 of you?
Mmmm you could camp by the seaside, that's good, or research campsites in your area. The further away from home the better, especially if you drive, it could be a road trip :)
Take plenty of blankets, a barbecue, a few beers and and some music to play from your car!
And if you go late august it'll still be warm enough and it can celebrate the end of summer as well as your birthday :)
And check that wherever you go will let you have a bonfire!
I looove camping, there's nothing better :)
Hope this has given you some good ideas! xxx

Like on skins! :)

Whirly Ball!

go bungee jumping.

It totally depends on how many people/how much you can afford really
As suggested, you could do a weekend away somewhere - maybe just one night in a fancy hotel wit ha few friends? That would be nice and classy. But if you want a bigger do, you would probably have to ask them to pay (or at least contribute).
You could try something at home that's a bit more interesting - if you know exactly how many and who would be going, you could have a murder mystery night! You can find kits cheaply online at sites like :

http://red-herring-games.co.uk/catalog/-… is free!

Then everyone can dress up and you have something to do all night! you'd probably combine it with dinner or something

If you had enough money, you could rent out a place (if the weather's good, you could use your garden but we all know how iffy England is in September!!) and have a themed party - maybe even a formal ball or something! Have a theme that is really "you", maybe a fandom of yours, or something you like a lot. If you don't want people getting drunk, just don't offer alcohol, or only have a limited amount.

If you're into things like staring at the stars or nighttime wildlife and you can find a night with nice weather, something really unique is a special nightwalk party. Basically, you set off at twilight/late afternoon and you walk somewhere, eat something by candlelight/laterns then watch the stars, maybe play games, or (if it's legal!! just check the local council area website) have a bonfire/campfire! It's definitely something different and it's a chance to have fun with your friends - but stay sober to remember it (it's illegal in England to have alcohol in a public place ish)
Here's some info about nightwalks:

Be careful to stay on the paths, but yeah :) and wrap up warm! haha and plan to go back to somebody's house afterwards for hot chocolate (and maybe a pick-me-up too ;D)

Hope I helped :)

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