Relaxing Hen Night Gift Ideas?!

Question: Relaxing Hen Night Gift Ideas?
I'm having two hen nights before my wedding.

The first is with my family and friends aged between 26 and 60.

I want to buy everyone something but I have no idea what I could get. My chief bridesmaid is arranging pamper packs for everyone as we are renting cottages and having a relaxing weekend away.

Any ideas appreciated!!


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cash is the best gift. Bot let's be a little original. Just buy a whiskey glass and a plastic fake flowers. Decide what amount would be appropriate, go to bank and ask this amount of money in coins - euros, dollars, pounds no matter. Then put all these coins into that glass and put the fake flower. Money is not the main issue, as most important part is how will you present these gifts - flowers which blooms forever and grows without water in money. Crazy ideas...

I am crazy as I am fan of such hen nights:…

I would suggest that you give everyone a little keepsake to remember the weekend by. I would hand out every person a Hen Night Memento book:…

And pass round a pack of disposable cameras:…

At the end of the weekend you can develop the pictures and give each girl a couple to put in her book! (The girls that are going on both Hen nights can add to theirs at a later date!)

Make sure you get one group photo with everyone in it and an individual picture with your guests! (maybe some Wine too!)

If you need any more Hen Night help then head to the Hen night Ideas section:…

Hope you have an amazing time! xx

Well, gift for wedding is very difficult to buy. Try something different for them which should be so relaxing and quality thing.Your gift should be unique and interesting. One popular personalized gift is the honey bear print. Put your names placed withing the heart and carved on the tree of love in this classic honey bear. You can try others also.

Why not a basket for each cottage containing movies(that aren't expensive-I've included the website to help you) a box of microwave popcorn and cans of pop and good and plenty) OR baskets of wine, chocolates, and peanuts? I don't know your guests but you can personalize it with some of their favorites as well. You could go to Sam's Club or Costco for the quanitites of food.…

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