Last minute super bowl party for 6 boys what should I make?!

Question: Last minute super bowl party for 6 boys what should I make?
Ive got pizza and chicken wings already they are between ages 10-13.


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Other sodas, chips and dip, popcorn, cookies, cut up hot dogs and wrap in crescent rolls, cut up some fruit (peaches, pineapple, grapes etc) and freeze it,

Well it seems as you already got some food for the main meal. Now all you need is some drinks, snacks and desert. For the drinks make sure you got lots of soda. If they are not aloud to have soda then you could get some juice for them. For snacks chips are good and easy. Lastly you will need some deserts. I would either make something like a cake or cookies or if you do not have time you could go to your local store and buy a pre made desert.

Get some soda, chips (like lays, fritos, cheetos, doritos, etc.), and maybe some pretzels or popcorn to snack on. Guys eat a lot, so make sure you have large quantities.

bacon chips cake cookies soda spicy rice hot dogs cheese sausage popcorn ribs shrimp fish fries sub sandwiches fried chicken pretzals and toaster strodles

Hot dogs.
And lots of soda.

SODA. lots of soda to add to that list :) i would suggest maybe pigs in a blanket, quesodillas, and tacos too

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