What do you need for a successful party?!


What do you need for a successful party?

2 Enough to drink
3 Nice Food
4 Good music

Trust me you can't go wrong... :-)

food, drink, a nice place to gather, interesting people.

an orgy ;)

the right food, entertainment and people for the right age group.

A lot of people who know each other
Good food and tasteful decorations
A theme/costume arrangement
Catering if possible of just make sure the food/drink is easily accessible
Excellent music, not too loud and not too boring
Being a good host; dressing nicely, mingling with the crowd, encouraging the shy ones, hooking up the right people with each other
Party games
A good mood!

good music, enough space for people to circulate, food that can fill you up without having an effect on alcohol intake, variety of drinks with servers, and a few kegs o serve yourself. party starts at 10 till 4 in the morning, security on each end cause you know somebody is gonna get shitt faced and start a fight!

LOTS of alcohol


ENTERTAINMENT . Not necessarily , a band or DJ , but good tunes playing , games that are interactive . And make sure that all the guest get along and aren't notorious at having beer muscles when they drink . Good food , finger foods are the best , this doesn't fill them up , and make them ready for a nap , and make sure YOU mingle with EVERYONE . spend at least 5 minutes with all the people you invited , This will show that they are welcome .

You need food (perferably something with bread), enough drink that you will have leftovers, some kind of entertainment, whether it be a band or games like cards or beer pong or whatever, and fun people. Music and dancing optional.

The people are the most important, you should try to have an equal number of males as females. This is essential. Too many guys and it becomes a sausage fest, too many girls and they end up talking about shopping and girl stuff.

If the party is big, you'll need some close friends to regulate and run crowd control and kick people out if they get too rowdy.

alchol.....lots of alcahol
possibly drugs
mabe a lil food.....
LOUD music
and lodsa peeps


People, Music, and Food.

Good food, drink, music, and some good people!

good food ,great music ,interesting mix of people-and not going cheap (better to throw 1 good party a year than several mediocre 1's)

Snacks, refreshments, and good friends. Sometimes preplanned activites - but the best parties are the simplest ones - partly because you get to sit back and enjoy them too!

People just like being together - they don't need a lot of fancy things.

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