need ideas asap!!! valentines ideas?!

Question: Need ideas asap!!! valentines ideas?
please help...for starters iam a hopeless cook haha i want 2 cook i just cant! but as its valentines day soon i would love to cook my boyfriend a meal but havnt a clue where 2 start he loves fish dishes n also anythin 2 do with meat..lamb is hs best, any ideas please and will also need step by step help on how 2 cook haha. thankyou


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steam some crab legs, baked potato and salad . takes about 7 minutes to steam crab and about the same for a baked potato in the nuker . Oh, dont forget the melted garlic butter !!!!YUMMMMM

you could make him grilled fish
u put oil in a nonstic pan
wit till oil gets hot
put fish in
conitue to check fish till browns and flip and do same with the other side
no spinkle aittle pepper on one side of fish
next food item shrimp
simply you can buy a box of fix and pop it in the oven for aroun 10 to 15 minutes

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