Would you like a 17th Birthday Picnic-Party?!

Question: Would you like a 17th Birthday Picnic-Party?
For mine and a friend's joint 17th birthday party in summer (late June) we're thinking of hitting the park and having a huge picnic with all our friends (around fifty or sixty of them!). Obviously, it'll be a bring-your-own-food deal (and no booze, it's illegal!) but do you think it would be fun? We're thinking of bringing things like frisbees, ball games, sports stuff, things like that - proper park games.
Would you enjoy it? Have you ever done something similar? Can you recommend any other fun things to do?



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It sounds great fun. Hopefully you have one friend who can cook well and be the dedicated BBQ chef! Make sure there are some musical instruments for later as everybody loves a good sing-song. I you live near a coast then a super idea would be to get on the sand dunes or beach where you could have a bonfire and sing and dance around it late into the night. Perfect time of year for an all-nighter.

yea that sounds fun! you should tell people they can bring their pets, maybe pack a few surprise water guns ;) you'd probably get a better turn out if you did provide food.. i know my friends gather around more when you wave food around. haha. hot dogs are really cheap, and i'm sure a couple of your friends wouldn't mind helping provide! just make an event on fb and say something like "let me know if you wanna help out with food/drinks" sounds really fun!

Sounds like a lot of fun! You can also rent a large pavillion so you have some shady places to sit as well.

Sounds good fun and I'm 21! You don't need to get trashed to have fun and this would be great, especially if it's nice weather.

Sounds good if you get the weather but you know what this country is like!!! it'll probably rain, so I would definitely have a back up plan.....
Have fun though!!

I would enjoy it

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