I am hosting an 80th birthday party for my Dad. On the invitations, how can I respectfully ask for no gifts?!

Question: I am hosting an 80th birthday party for my Dad. On the invitations, how can I respectfully ask for no gifts?
My Dad's motto has always been, If I need it, I will buy it, If I don't need it, I don't want it. Simply typing no gifts sounds a little harsh to me.


put your dad's quote on the invitation. his friends will think its funny, and they'll get the point.

I agree with Jenna - those who know and like your dad will appreciate his motto! "As Dad says, "If I need it, I'll buy it......etc., so please consider your friendship his gift. If you would like to make a donation to the ??????? in his name, he would be honored." Or how about everyone bring an item to donate to the Sr. Center, or Children's Services, or some group that means something to your Dad? My peeve with this world is seeing foster children move their stuff from home to home in a trash bag. How about asking everyone to bring a new backpack or small suitcase, or check their closets for a nice, gently used one? Just a thought. Ask your Dad (unless it is a surprise!)

I have seen many parties for older folks (birthday, anniversary, etc) that specify "Cards only -- no gifts, please." It is usually accepted with good grace.

Just state on the invite that any gift be a donation in your dad's name to his favourite charity.

In lieu of gifts, please make a contribution in the name of (Dad's name) to ( your charity of choice.)

umm you can say no gifts please or gifts are not neccessary only your attendance is. something like that

just write no gifts required, that's what i see when it says no gifts

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