I'm Having a Disney Themed 16th Birthday Party, Ideas and Help Please?!

Question: I'm Having a Disney Themed 16th Birthday Party, Ideas and Help Please?
For my 16th Birthday I'm having a huge party at my house with around 50 people.
I need ideas & help on:
-what games to play/activities
-how to decorate

and anything else major that should be included. If you have any ideas at all, please answer :)

Also, I'm having everyone dress up as a character and I'm telling everyone who they have to dress up as. I was planning on my boyfriend and I dressing up as Aladdin and Jasmine, but I got this really gorgeous dress recently and it looks like it belongs to a princess, so I'm not sure what to do.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks :)


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don't tell people what to dress up as, just say dress up as something disney related or inspired.
games could be guess the movie, u give them some clues based on the movie, best disney outfit
decorations- look at the movies and see how they are, take colours, or pick on movie and decorate around that, or have different areas be different movies.
invitations- do on the front pictures of different disney movies, and write you are invited, then some more on the inside, and then details. or if u go to a party store they have them for disney.
food- idk, just any food same with music
cake- something with disney things on it

I agree. Don't tell them who to dress up as. People are going to want to pick based on what they own or if they're going to buy something, what they think they look good in and might possibly use again.

I agree that scavenger hunts are always fun. They can include things such as get a picture of you in your costume and a stranger. You could also play a disney trivia game. Other fun games include Apples to Apples and Would you Rather.

For a cake you could do one of those cupcake towers. They sell them at WalMart for $5. You could probably get a big one somewhere or do multiple ones. Or you could get a Disney princess cake.

I would not appreciate being told what to dress up as, I likely would not attend your party at all. If you at least let them choose how to dress people of your age may be more receptive. Games? Scavenger hunts are fun and you could have multiple teams.

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