What are some ideas for a 14th birthday party?!

Question: What are some ideas for a 14th birthday party?
I am looking for some really good ideas for a 14 year old girl's birthday party in May. She has tons of friends, it will be boys and girls at the party, along with maybe some of her 18 year old's brother's friends. There will be many people. I have already thought about the theme and details like that, I just need a location and for all my ideas to be combined! We're from Alabama, so I was thinking for the theme, she loves country. Cowboys, boots, 4 wheelers, camo, hunting, especially country music, everything in the country! But, she also has another side. Shopping, shoes, purses, designer things, clothes. I know these are two completely different things, but she likes both. I prefer the country one, or a creative idea to combine them both would be perfect! On where to have the party, i have no clue. I would love for it not to be at our home. As I talked about country, she loves the outdoors. The party would be at night. In May in Alabama the weather feels good, not too hot or too cold. As far as food, barbeque, pizza, ideas? Then she wants a big cake, any ideas on what to do with that either? Lastly, the cheaper the better! Thanks for the help!


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Dave and Busters. There's a place near me that is a Dave and Busters connected to a mall so it's video games and shopping in one! Dave and Busters is fun for all age groups. At some locations, they even have bowling, laser tag, and skating all in one.
Also, there's a place near me called Boomers Family Fun. It has mini golf, skate park, video games, bumper boats, race karts.
I know you won't be able to go to these exact places, but I bet there are similar things close to you!

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