What would you like to do at a 19 y/o's birthday party?!

Question: What would you like to do at a 19 y/o's birthday party?
I planned to have a special guest, but then I decided to wait until I turn 21 for that. So I was brain storming because I would still need activities for later. I got a hotel room, and a small list of less than 15. I was thinking doing a "mystery party" with a "awards show" theme but idk if that a good idea. My guests are ages 18-23. I refuse to get alcohol. What would you like to do if you were one of those ages?


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Well im 21 and if it was me id like to do something fun like paintballing or go to a theme park ( rollercoasters yay!) or even a concert and hotel afterwards. Its gonna be pretty hard to pull of a mystery party but it is a good idea and I would love to go to one but remember it would be some peoples idea of hell! How about a beach party with camping afterwards that would be really fun! Good luck!

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