Do You Like To Be Around People With Bad Table Manners?!


Do You Like To Be Around People With Bad Table Manners?

Do you find that being around others that make alot of noise when they eat irritating? Does it annoy you when you hear someone making so much noise that you can hear them from across the room? No obscene answers, please. Thanx in advance.

I hate that lip smacking, tongue flapping sound when they have a mouth full of food and just feel the need to aerate it! Its like watching cows eat grass! I in no way lay out all 7 forks when dinner is served, but come on, close your mouth people! Oh, but that does not work either. You get those people that grunt through their noses because they crammed so much into their fat faces that they can't breath and have to snort air repeatedly! Its like you want to shove a straw up their noses to help them out. Um, so, YES it is VERY annoying!!!!!!

For sure. It's the worst thing ever.


Yes!! I hate it it especially when I am at a public place eating and the people across from me are extra loud or when there are a buch of kids running around.

It really annoys me...i feel like putting a tape over their mouth!

Well it would take the heat off you if you wanted to or did someting silly or gross yourself!

Even on this site...If you get one yes to this question...... Please!! Who in the hell would like it???

It does annoy me when I am around people with bad table manners I also get annoyed dining with picky *** eater. Who spend 10 minutes changing the meal only to complain that it taste nasty.

Table manners are important, otherwise they wouldnt exsist. I dont like when people are really loud or messy when they eat. If its one of my friends, I usually tell them they eat like a slob, :)


Thanks for asking these questions.
It drives me friggin' nuts when people have terribly poor table manners.
From the people that pick food out of their teeth, to the person making smacking sounds when they eat, to the people that start to eat or grab food without waiting for the others to start.

It's all wrong!
It makes meals miserable...unless you live in a family of pigs...and then I suppose it is okay...just grunt and grab, poop and belch...all the same with piggies!

I eat so slow that I can't spend much time observing others table manners, usually I'm the one that everyone is observing when everyone is finished eating and I have a ways to go.

i don't think so

NO. They bug me.

what do u think?

I think it depends what age you are at. If u are grown thats gross, but if your little it's kinda cute.


Courtesy eating in public is a MUST.

Yes! I absolutely cannot stand bad table manners!

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