Does anyone know of a quality greek restaurant in bedford?!


Does anyone know of a quality greek restaurant in bedford?

no but here is a list of restaurants in Bedford Indiana

bedford? what state? if it's bedford michigan you are gonna have to hump it out to Detroit and go to greektown. Everything else is crap around here

Bedford, Texas? Looks like there is a restaurant called Big Fat Greek Restaurant Buffet there, but can't say how good it is. This was voted best Greek Food in Fort Worth, but in nearby Arlington:

Best Greek

Staff choice: Mykonos, 518 Fielder North Plaza, Arlington

These are the same menu items as you get at every other Greek restaurant in the county, but the setting is nicer. Mykonos salvaged the best parts of what had been an expensively redecorated German restaurant, including an entire wall of window boxes. The lemon-garlic olive oil for bread dipping is really nice and light.

Readers' choice: Parthenon, 401 N Henderson St, FW, and Greek House, 2426 Forest Park Blvd, FW (tie)

no. but it sounds like a lovely idea!

If you mean Bedford U.K. then NO!!! All the restaurants are now curry houses as most of the population are our Asian friends which the government tells us is good and great for the economy of the country England!

no sorry mate but you could try the internet

Not me - is there one?

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