How can I avoid becoming a boring person?!


How can I avoid becoming a boring person?

Set yourself a target to make a new friend once a month. You'll get lots of different points of views, ideas and opinions. It will broaden your horizon.

Learn something new every day.

By avoiding it I guess!!!

Don't just sit at home on the couch watching tv. Go out and do something. Try something you've never done before. Don't worry about "being too old for something"

do stuff

Answer questions here ;)

Just kidding, there are lots of activities and work to do, you just need to find what amuses you the most. Listen to your heart, its possible you may not be boring !!

step outside of ur comfort zone....what is something you always wanted to do, but dont have the it!

I would say first define what you believe to be boring. Then once you have done so, avoid it. For emaple if you believe that people who know to much at Star Wars is boring.. or weird.. then avoid that .. and dont become a coach potato. It's hard to be boring if you have friends cause you usually learn new things without even trying.

is that a real question?

Develop a sense of humor and feel like you belong when you are in a group. Read a lot and share to other's what you've found out so ther is something to talk about with other people.

Eric Cartman, stop feeling or saying you are one and definitely you will be treated so!

Depends On Your Age If You Are Around 10-14 You Should Have Friends Come Over Alot And Play Games If Your 16-19 You Should Go To 16-19 Year Old Clubs Like Boomers Or Spellbounds If You Are 20-30 Get A Fun Job That Maybe Invalves Kids And If You Dont Like Those Ideas Get A Pet Like A Puppy Or A Kitten

You can't, you are doomed.

Sounds like you already feel you are a boring person.
Get out more and do different things. Nothing beats dancing. Also, stay abreast of current events and try being more of a conversationalist and with that a sense of humor goes a long way.

make extremely funny jokes, like: what do you get when you cross a dinosaur with a pig?Jurassic Pork!!! and things like that.

Take risks.
And pay the price.

Be INTERESTED instead of trying to be interesting. Pursue knowledge and your passions but express them as actions, not long dissertations about "I did this, I know this." Listen to others, show an interest in their problems and opinions, answer their questions rather than pontificating. Have genuine dialogues with free exchange of opinions and ideas, but don't focus on always getting YOURS into the discussion to the exclusion of others.

you mean to yourself or to other people? you have some nice answers here for yourself,,, to other people,, try to avoid I, Me, Mine,,,, let them talk and you listen, let them pick the movie, the song, the diner, etc.........

don't ask questions like this: it's really boring...

It's to late for you.

keep answering yahoo answer...

I have seen u lots on here and trust me darlin you aren't boring.

do somthing nonboring and change your avatar


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