Do teens usually have big b-day parties?!

Question: Do teens usually have big b-day parties?
On my 13th b-day, i had a b-day party at the rollerskating rink, and i invited 11 friends, and only 1 came, which was my best friend. I wondered if the rest of my friends either didn't want to go, or they actually did have something important to do with their family. Anyway, after the party i felt kinda sad and disappointed, and i could never get over it. Then i thought maybe was too old for rollerskating rink parties, so maybe i shouldn't have a big b-day party. But i still can'tstop thinking about it?? What should i do about it?


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what i always do is send invites out a week or so in advance and get the numbers for who is coming (usually for food puropses) then i know where im at and it gives everyone else a heads up about it and they can plan to go better

rolller rink isnt bad depending on your circle of friends, its lame for some and fun for others.
what you can do is invite a small circle of friends (4-5) and go out to an amusement park for the day. or plan a whole bunch of fun stuff to do at your house. you can find all sorts of ideas online. or you could go lazer bowling.

in my family we never had huge parties but we always loved having some sort of party. for my last birthday i had by friends over and we played "jiggalo", "things in a box", a bit of volleyball, and watched a movie, then thoes who wanted to, could sleep over (this part was an open-ended invite) and this was for my 18th birthday and we all had a blast and all we had to pay for was the food

I usually only invite around 5, I personally do not like having big bday partys, Next time on your invitation you should say RSVP by this date or something..

No, teens usually dont have BIG parties, or parties at all.

I don't think having a big party will change how many people will attend.

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