I need good ideas for a last minute Valentines Day party?!

Question: I need good ideas for a last minute Valentines Day party?
This Friday, my sister and I decided to have a Valentines Day party... we decided this an hour ago. We want it to be fun, light... us and our friends aren't into drugs or drinking or anything like that so the most 'bad' thing we will do is probably spin the bottle... which probably won't happen but you know xD
I need ideas! We don't want to go crazy, but we don't want it to be lame either. Here are some guidelines:
-15 people or less
-Ages 14-18
-Food is already covered
Please suggest :)


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well, where is it going to be at? I always love basement parties... if not, a bigger room will work, like a living room. get those streamers in like red, white, and pink and decorate with them. Cut hearts and what not from construction paper and put like be mine, or XOXO, and what not on them. hang them everywhere. If your good at drawing you can also make a conversation heart box and hang it on the wall. For food, i agree fondue sounds amazing, and you say you have it covered. An extra thing could be a valentines cake. For the tables just put a table cloth on them and add valentine confetti. Get some really good speakers in your house and turn up the jams! You can play games, watch movies, or video games. It'll probably be too cold to go outside if you live somewhere like that. You can play a version of beer pong, but without the beer. Like take orange juice, or soda and do it. I've done that with my friends before and it was so fun. You can play alot of drinking games, but without the beer. Its pretty fun actually. You can do a makeover if its an even amount of people, even on the boys!! It would be fun. I've done that to my guy friend, i had a blast and we had alot of laughs. You can even play some old fashion games like hide and seek, groundies, dead man, or whatever you want. Look up some ideas on google... priceless.
Have fun!!
Happy early valentines day!<3

Chocolate fondue
Doing something nice for the troops overseas or some other charity

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