What are some ideas for a scavenger hunt at the mall?!

Question: What are some ideas for a scavenger hunt at the mall?
Ok so for my birthday party my friends and i are going to the mall and were going to have a scavenger hunt. Well,it's going to be the kind of scavenger hunt where you like take pictures or record videos of your team doing weird stuff at the mall. So can anyone give me some ideas of what to do?Please and thank you :)


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Pictures of:
1. a team member with a stranger in a red shirt
2. all team members with a mannequin
3. the front and back of a team member (they have to take this in front of a mirror!)
4. a team member wearing a name tag from one of the stores
5. a team member and two men with beards - in one picture
6. all team members reading copies of the same book - pick a certain book they have to find

Have fun!

Another answerer barely scratched the surface:
Fun WIth Mannequins - - - get down and I mean down with - - - stimulated oral sex on a mannequin, any form of fake sex scene or heck if this is a family friendly PG crowd just proposal on one knee or a romantic kiss- - -- - But map out the clothing stores, set out clues (Fall Into The ----, JC is not a religious Icon, Not the New Army But the ---,) Etc - - - and have your friends play with mannequins, might have to do fast and dirty if sales clerks raise a fuss, but most often You can grab a few seconds of someone down on their knees like they are looking up a mannequins dress.

(And always fun - - - you know those girl mannequins wearing bikini briefs - - - stuff 'em with bananas!)...


~free cup of water
~shopping bag from a favored store
~a head band
~a starbucks napkin
~free sample (food court)
~a pic of that map directory thingy they always have

Do a certain video game at GameStop. A pair of blue shoes at Pay Less. A purple striped hoodie at Gap. A latte from Dunkin' Donuts(for your own personal enjoyment!!!) and other stuff like that.

It could include a certain piece of jewelry, a certain dish of food at the food court, and a pair of shoes...


Topless tickle fight at victoria secret

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