Hollywood themed party!! ?!

Question: Hollywood themed party!! ?
My b-day party is hollywood themed what things can we do/ games . Plz NO board games or charades or scene it
Im already doing a game were u put the name of a celebrity on someones back and hand prints like the stars did. I'm also doing the paparazzi were they take pics of the guests.what can I do??


One of the most fun - - - especially after those jell-o shots of liquor that another answerer mentioned - - - is Hollywood Audition.
One person serves as Director/Emcee -- - -- and he/she can play with a variety of scenarios

SCREAM: "we're casting a Horror Movies and we need someone who can scream." Then contestants step up and give their best horror movie scream. Winner can be judged for audience by a trio of judges.

Movie Villain: "we're casting a spy movie and are looking for the baddest villain of all time." Then contestants step up and give an audition for villain and again audience or trio can decide who wins
(does a person need suggestions: evil words, imaginary pets, facial distortions)

Best Movie Kiss - - -IF you have the sort of guests who are not shy, someone is the guy/girl STAR and a variety of contestants demonstrate their best romantic kiss. Again audience or judges.

You get the idea there are dozens of ways to do this and it can be fun.
(best prat fall - - - best orgasm - - -etc etc)


Well you can have karaoke or who ever has talent and can mock a certain star,, will receive a sunrise. you choose the gift. Recommend a $25 gift card from apple. You cant got wrong with that. :)
Have a disco ball it makes it more exciting.

If there was Liquor in the party have jell-o shots. Its liquor inside the jell-o for everyone. IT is good with absolute bodka. Just in case. Not to much Bodka. Drink Responsibly.
Hopes this helps.

I had my own Hollywood Theme Party. Involved alot of liquor. lol

You can have:
1. What celeb would you rather lip-kiss. Like some for the boys and some for the girls.
Example: Channing Tatum vs. Chace Crawford.
2. Who wore it better? Take some pictures from magazines like US Weekly or People and debate who looked better.
I would also recommend songs to play like Lily Adams "Smile" and Lady Gaga Paparazzi"
Good luck!!

you hold your breathe to know what when and where you use your sense to know everybody,,,,,,,,,,intendedly.


Well, whatever you do just stay away from Charlie Sheen!

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