why schould cafeteria needs to serve heathier food?!

Question: Why schould cafeteria needs to serve heathier food?
AS a paragraPH PLEASE(:


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Heck, I can do it in one sentence.....

Because over half of the children in the U.S. are overweight.

Real Life

WHy not teach children to eat healthier at a young age? Why do they need to serve chicken nuggets in 4 different forms? Chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, chicken rings, etc. really doesn't fried chicken get old! Or Big daddy pizza, stuffed pizza, pizza squares
My daughters school has a mix of chicken and pizza thankfully my daughter has been taught to eat healthy and complains that the school food is full of grease and brings a lunch! It's pretty bad when an 8 year old is complaining that something is to greasy! Why are there so many over weight kids/adults because they begin life (school) being able to make choices for food and they pick the unhealthy stuff because that's the chance they have to grab it or that's what they are raised on!

Since you are asking for answers in a paragraph, I'm assuming this is a school assignment. Eat a healthy, low-fat snack and do your own research.

School cafeterias need to serve more healthful food so students like you can have the appropriate fuel to learn correct grammar and spelling.

The cafeteria schould needs to serve healthier food so kids and do not BEcome lardos. I wcould suggest they server KFC extra CRIspy.


Because: People Only Eat Fried Foods. Adults And Teens Alike. They Never In A Cafe Eat The Salds And Other Healthier Stuff. I Think Its Sad So Yes They Should Serve Heatheir Food. In The Cafe.

So that people are eating healthily so they don't get fat and lower the risk of heart disease etc.

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