Why do people look at me when I eat mcdonalds.?!


Why do people look at me when I eat mcdonalds.?

because I weigh about 450 pounds.

DAMN - take a walk!

yup thats why

holy s*** girl ..go jogging, do something!!!

If you weigh that much, do something about it. If yer trying to be funny, yer not.

because they're hungry.

if you weigh that much ppl star its really gross how could you let your body do that its your falt ur like that i mean ur hurting yourself why would you do that 2 u ppl look at you and make fun of you couse your eating bad foods and look big i mean i would fix it fdast

Is it only McDonald

are u that stupid duh

your additional information beneath your question ANSWERED your question.

you are either beautiful or hideous...i'm guessing the ladder...beautiful people don't eat at mcdonalds

Well, they're probably thinking since you're that size you shouldn't be eating that kind of food. No offense.

either they are dumb jerks judging you for what ever reason or they are hungry.......

Forget them and their judgmental stares, you have a right to eat artierry clogging food like any other true-blooded American.

Not that it is any ones business what you do eat but, they are thinking how bad that type of food if for someone that weigh 450 lbs, you must know that already.

i bet you she is lying.is she is,its not funny its rude,if your not,no comment

haha... funny, but seriously, if you do, don't be one of those jack asses that blames McDonalds for making yourself fat. Us skinny people want to continue eating it :)

hey my theory is if you can't reach your @ss don't reach your mouth!!!

I wonder why you think you think you are funny?

maybe that you are so beautiful that they want to eat you too...

I would say that they don't have anything better to do...People can be cruel.....Just stare back at them and enjoy yourself....Life is too short to worry about what others think.....

why do you need to post the question if you've already answer it?

They are just mad cause you are eating a juicy delicious cheese burger and they wish they had one. Haters!

I am answering this as if you are seriously asking this question and not just being a smart *** and seeing how many answers you can get......... Like some people answered, they are probably looking at you wondering why someone your size is eating such unhealthy food like that, but it depends on what you are eating. If you are eating a Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese and a Super Size fry then people would probably wonder why you are doing that to your body but how do they know you dont have a grilled chicked breast sandwich, a salad and a fruit and yogurt parfait? Besides big people like to enjoy good food too every once in a while. Just because you are a bigger size doesnt mean you cant splurge every once in a while on fast food. My fiance is about 350 lbs and while he normally tried to watch what he eats, we do splurge occasionally on McDonalds or some other fast food place. People need to mind their own business!!

Maybe because the only cow they are expecting to see in the restaurant is in the hamburgers they are ordering....

Here's an idea....try eating a salad.

maybe they fancy you lol, Susie

cause they're jealous and wish they had the confidence to be that big and still eat mc donalds in front of others.

Just ignore them.You have a right to eat at McCD's like everyone else.

..that's why...

maybe because they are ignorant and have nothing else better to do with there time.
ignore it
or sit on those comfy seats in the corner

But.....you answered your own question!

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