A Personal, Teen Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: A Personal, Teen Birthday Party Ideas?
Okay So I am turning the BIG 13! Ta-da!:) Well, I really need ideas cause I don't know how to! I am not use to like just having personal parties and since I am older the space jump and nonsense are out! Well, One thing I want to do is go to the ( Please not hate comments, be mature!) Never Say Never Movie! But, I don't know what else! Like the mall, out to eat, and etc. So please give me an answer!

Also, I am only inviting 2 friends!:)


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I am having the same problem. My birthday is kn the 27th and ive decided to go to a movie and dinner then have some friends come back for a sleepover. I think it will be a lot of fun!!!!!!

Turning 13 in feb

For my 13th birthday I had 3 of my best friends and my mom stay at a hotel for a night. we got there around 5 and hung out in the pool, ordered pizza, and just hung out. It was tons of fun and we were up all night! You could go see the movie and then go to a hotel. It is a little expensive, but I found a coupon and it was definitely worth it!

My birthday

Don't over think it.
Just think about activities that you know you and your friends would enjoy doing.
Everyone likes going to the movies, you might need to book tickets ahead for that movie though
Maybe have a slumber party and look up games to play online.
Hope you're party is great!

16 yr old

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