My friend doesn't like birthday cake, so what do I get her?!

Question: My friend doesn't like birthday cake, so what do I get her?
For everyone's birthday in my office, we order them birthday cake. One of them, a close friend of mine in the office, doesn't like cake.

She loves chocolate, but not cake or pie. So what do we order for her? Thanks!


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One of those big cookies might be good! Get chocolate chip! They usually have a kiosk at a major mall that specializes in cookie cakes. They decorate it with lettering like a cake and then you can cut it up and give a little piece to everyone in the office.…

According to Wiffy, owner of,

"Asians have the tradition of eating longevity noodles (aka long life noodles, or 长寿面, “Chang Shou Mian”) on their birthdays and special occasions. It is believed that eating these noodles is auspicious as the long strands of noodles symbolize a long life. Therefore, when eating the noodles, one tries not to break the noodles using the chopsticks or teeth, but instead chew on the noodles when they are inside the mouth. Quite a challenging task if you’d asked me ;)"

Why not pick up a large container of noodles and chopsticks for the office to share instead? Of course, some fortune cookies for those who look forward to the "sweet endings", would also be in order.

When my sisters and I were younger we hated cakes for some reason, so my mom would always make us a giant chocolate chip cookie (about the size of a medium pizza) for our birthday parties. They were always lots of fun and still sort of traditional because you could still put candles in them.

If she's not a big cookie person either you might try brownies or fudge, though if she really does just love chocolate you could get her a bouquet of chocolate roses or something similar. They do bouquets of flowers made out of fruit and chocolate too, I've seen the advertisements on T.V. though I don't remember the name of the company. Or if she likes ice cream you could get her an ice cream cake, those don't have a lot of actual cake part.

You could always ask her what she'd prefer, or if you want it to be a surprise or something you could bring it up more naturally. For instance, offer her a piece of cake at lunch or something and when she declines act surprised and ask her what she did for birthdays when she was little.

This isn't the recipie my mother used, but it's the same idea;…

i used to get a cookie cake every year for my bday. It's a giant chocolate chip cookie with the words written on it in icing....if you dont like cake, its a great idea coz its a real cookie

Well, if she doesn't like birthday cake, maybe she'll like a dutch ice cream cake. I also don't like birthday cakes but Love a good ice cream cake.

Me, myself, and I...

Chocolate cupcakes or chocolate muffins can be a good alternative of comparable price (which keeps everyone else in the office from feeling slighted).

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A biiiig bowl of chocolate sundae with wafers and sauce with candles on top. If the candles are hot and melt the ice cream don't dispair will be a very funny memory!!! good luck!

I don't like cake either, for my birthday my MIL started doing a brownie bar...
Brownies ice cream and assorted toppings, let everyone build their won

By cake I'm guessing you mean sponges...

Could go for a Chocolate cheesecake or terrine...

Pile up chocolate bars and put candles in like a cake? Or how about birthday pizza?

Try layering Jello with whipped cream in a big bowl. Add the candles give you something new and different!

Get her a box of chocolate

Get her an ice cream cake

Sounds to me like Pizza may be the answer.

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