House Party tips please?!

Question: House Party tips please?
My mum says I'm allowed a house party, with between 4-6 people that come. I'm fourteen, and I just wanted some tips really...

I have about three weeks to plan....

Obviously, good food, good music and good people.

But how about some tips on what to do?
How do I invite boys/boy I like without it getting out of hand/ making it obvious?
General tips about your previous partys that made them good?

Thaaaaankyou !x


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You will need snacks and desserts. I just came across this recipe that looks really easy to make. It's Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. It's more of a cupcake. They look really cute with lots of fudge and chocolate. Hope this helps.…

be prepared to have garbage bags and make sure the utensils are plastic so its easy to clean up
honestly i wouldnt invite boys if you know your parents would flip, it would ruin the party honestly
try to find maybe some funny games, like an eating contest ? lol

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