I'm 16 do you think i should be able to go to this party?!

Question: I'm 16 do you think i should be able to go to this party?
okay its the mid term break of school for a few days yay!

anyway i was meant to have a long weekend with my dad friday saturday back on sunday.
i see my dad twice a week normally

on tuesdays go down on fridays and back to my mums on saturdays

any way my mum and her partner are going away for the long weekend same time as we would be at my dads

i have stayed home alone over night before i am 16.

the reason i don't want to go is cos its my friends birthday and i want to go to her birthday dinner.
i rarely get invited to thees things

anyway my little brother and sister wud be going 2 my dads anyway.
i dont think my dad would mind but i dont know why my mum is against it

i have a mobile so does she and i have all the numbers ect i would need.
all it is is a dinner at pizza hut we meet at 6pm and i should be home by 9pm at the latest

its not like we have fake IDs going drinking or clubing....its just a nice birthday meal with friends


Hell yeah!

i think its fine to go because your just going to the pizza hut for a meal with your friends. i think your mom is just over protective like my mom. Shes maybe worried that you might get kidnapped or things like that. maybe just show her that you are responsible and maybe give her a good day.

I think you should definatly be aloud to go. I'm 15 and I'm pretty much allowed to do what I want. I think your mum is being waaaaay too harsh on you and this will result in you rebelling. So go and have fun:)

i don't know why she would say no to you going unless you're lying about what kind of party it is but if you really want to go then go just be prepared to take responsibility if you get caught

I think if you have shown yourself to be responsible ,you should be able to go.

If your mom said no, she meant no. What we think doesn't matter, you are a minor and she is your mom.

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