Will I look stupid if I have a party?!

Question: Will I look stupid if I have a party?
I wanted to have a house party, but I only talk to some people of this group.

There's like one group, that go to the parties I go to, but I don't really talk to all of them - and I only get invited to some of them anyway.

But I reallly wanted to have a party, but I think people will think that I'm just invited random people...

Arrgh.. what to do??


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Though one...
But I think...

Have a nice time on it, talk to some people, make friends!

I'd also like to add a quote:

"If you want a party, have a party.
But remember: There is no party like an ALCOHOLIC PARTYY!! "
- Plato

Have your party!! I have been to parties where the guest list seemed random, but I didn't care about anything like that if I was having a good time.
The only reasons you need to have a party is that you thought it would be a good time and you could.
Just be sure to have fun with it yourself.

Go for it,
stack up on alcohol though - once everyones got a few drinks down them it won't matter if you're the nerd of the world or queen of the plastics, just party hard and get to know your peers in the process, no harm can be done.

Do it darling. It's just a party! I'm sure they won't reject the invitation.
If you never try, then you will never know.
Also it sounds as a great way to expand your circle of friends.

Have fun!

Do what you want-to hell with everyone else. Go for it.

you sound too stupid to have a party, sorry.

no you wont look stupid

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