trying to find a place for my party?!

Question: Trying to find a place for my party?
my birthday is on saturday and im turning 19. theres going to be drinking and such and we just can't find a place to have it. no ones house is available it seems, and we've worked out everything but a place. i wouldnt mind hanging out at a park or a hotel room but theres this girl in my group of friends (whos basically trying to control the WHOLE THING) who is like, what are we going to do in a hotel room? just sit around and watch movies? i feel like she is expecting a party like on tv, where theres a pool and a bunch of hot guys. i wish. but any ideas?


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party in europe

if your in america you're basically stuffed. if you european at even 18 you are an adult and can go anywhere you want. so, party in europe.

you can party at my house

Go to Burger King

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